Tutorial on How to Easily Buy Used Cars at Seva.id

It cannot be denied if the presence of technology has penetrated into the lives of Indonesian people. Its existence is the most important part because it can provide significant benefits in supporting your daily needs.

Take for example in the realm of buying and selling vehicles. Everyone who wants to buy a vehicle, can transact easily and safely through the internet. In fact, with one touch on a smartphone and just sitting pretty at home, the ordered vehicle can already get home.

Therefore, if you want to buy a car, both new and used, you can buy it at Seva.id. The automotive marketplace from Astra Digital offers the buying and selling service of Astra car manufacturers, such as Daihatsu, Toyota, BMW, Isuzu, Peugeout, and commercial cars.

In addition, you can also trade in, book vehicle service, and shop & drive your car needs directly on the Seva.id channel.

Well, in order to facilitate the process of shopping for your vehicle, let's, see how to Buy a Used Car at Seva.id below.

Visit the Seva.id website

To buy a used car at Seva.id is certainly fairly easy. You only need to visit the Seva.id website on the internet through a PC or mobile device. After that, you will also go to the Seva.id page. which will feature Automotive, Parts, Property and News and Articles services. There is also an attractive promo offer on the starting page.

Then, if you scroll down to the bottom page, there is a brief information about the services that Seva.id provides. However, if you want to buy a car directly, you can click on the 'Automotive' button to further explore the vehicles in Seva.id.

Click the 'Used Cars' button

After that, when you have clicked 'Used Cars', Seva.id will display a row of used cars provided, including Expert Used cars, which are recommended directly from the experts. Cars that are in the Expert Choice category have also gone through inspection stages 3 times.

If you want to see a row of other cars, you can drag down or filter the search by the category you want, such as price, brand, type, model, fuel, engine power, transmission, to the available promos. For example, if you are looking for a used car under Rp. 100 million, you can check the price category.

Then, the Seva.id website will automatically load the row of cars under the Rp100 million.

Source : https://mohsai.com/seva-mobil-bekas-berkualitas/